Localization should be part of app development process


Are you about to release a new product? A mobile app or a game? What do you have in your to-do list other than the key product tasks? Surprisingly most of the companies doesn’t consider localization as a key part to their product release. Most people thinks their product in their native language or a global language such as English will be enough and until later stages of release there is no discussion about localization at all. That always happens even though localization of a global product going to give a boost to it.

There are plenty of developers or companies out there that are not prioritize localization or doesn’t include in development process at all. But that action (or not taking an action) has a cost among other things that not included in development process.

Trying to localizing your product after the development process could cause big problems such as there aren’t enough time to prepare the product for localization or give translators lesser time than needed. And in the end this problems often resulting in uncompleted translations.

To avoid these mistakes, we have gathered a short and strong value list of stats to make sure that the localization of a product is a “must” in development process.

Here is why you should localize your apps and games:


Fastest Growing Emerging Countries by App Store Revenue

App Annie expects emerging economies to account for 40% of the global total as their app store revenue grows at a CAGR of 29%. India will see the fastest app store revenue growth by far, well ahead of second-place Brazil, which itself will see faster growth than Argentina, Mexico and Indonesia.


Top Countries by Downloads combined iOS App Store & Google Play

Yes United States still number one but look at the other countries. How many of them are native English speaking countries? Not satisfied? Let’s take a look at revenue stats.


Top Countries by Revenues combined iOS App Store & Google Play

United States, Chine and Japan bringing biggest revenues to the developers. Yet. Currently this is a 50 billion Dollars worthy cake worldwide. But by 2020, AppAnnie predicts it will be 100 billion Dollars market.



You can be bigger part of the app store market by localizing your apps and games.

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