App Store Optimization and Localization: App Description (iOS&Android)

On this blog post we are going to talk about how to write the best ASO description for your app and also how to localize ASO description. App Store Optimization is a big challenge for app developers and app store optimized description writing is one of the most important things to boost your apps visibility, download numbers and finally your revenue.

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And just like these two posts, we are gonna talk about app store descriptions separately: iOS AppStore and Android Google Play.

Let’s start with iOS AppStore

App Description on iOS AppStore

You did all the right things to lure appstore users to your appstore page and they are finally here. And now you have to convince them to download and use your awesome app. There are multiple variations to a user decision making. Obviously apart from app title, app icon and search keywords, there is a whole description field.

Apple AppStore does not officially include your app description into its algorithm. But still there are few things that you should consider while writing your app description.

What to put in your app description

To make a benefit from appstore page design you have to pay even more attention to your first 3 lines (255 characters in total)! On desktop, iPhone or iPad doesn’t matter only the first 3 lines of your app store description are visible, along with your app icon, title and first 2-3 screenshots. So you have to make it count on these first 3 lines!

Put the most important information about your app there, like a sentence that explains clearly what your app does and why it’s better than the competitors. And if your app has a reward, you might consider putting it there too.

Most of the users don’t read your full app description so keep this in mind that you should put most important stuff on top. If your app has been chosen by AppStore editors, you should use that too.

Highlighting blog reviews of your app if you have one is also another convincing method to encourage users to download your app.

After these award and review highlights you should start with the benefit of your app and its features. Listing the main benefits of your app is a good and clean start to convince users that still don’t know what your app does. And for further details you should explain more in depth how it works. Getting in technical details by listing features with using “+” for example (Apple doesn’t allow special characters on descriptions) and then explaining in a line what it is, is a must-do.

Call to Action in App Description

Since app description field is only for users, you should consider to invite users to download your app with the right call to action. For example “Download this app now to enjoy X” to trigger the decision.

Information about you and your other apps

At the bottom of the app description you should promote yourself as a developer and also promote your other aps! What your company does, how users can reach you and the other apps you have they might like, are mention-worthy things to put on app description.

This also is not a on time thing

Just like your app title, your keywords and your screenshots, your app description has to evolve too! You can’t put your awards just right after the app launch since there will be no award nor review about it. You’ll need to add them as they come. And also try writing a better app description everytime to pitch your app to users that they need your app.

App Description Localization

Now, localization process is a boost to your apps market reach in different regions, you should consider localizing your app description also. Promoting your app in several languages will definitely improve your downloads. Eventhough your app is available in one language, you must localize your app description to let the users understand what your app does. But you should definitely mention that your app is not available in their language if it’s not (yet). Otherwise users might give you bad reviews.

Keyword stuffing on AppStore description is oficially useless so avoid keyword stuffing. Although using keyword phrases in sentences might have a minor affect.

And the last thing: SEO!

All app descriptions are indexing by search engines. So you have to write your app description SEO friendly. Optimize your description for Google.

AppStore Description Writing to-do list:

  • First 3 lines are important (255 characters). Make it count by mentioning simple what your app does and why it’s better than its competitors.
  • Mention your awards and reviews if you can on first 3 lines.
  • Write a simple list about what features that your app has and benefits
  • Use plus or minus (+,-) characters while listing.
  • You can be technical while elaborating your apps features and benefits but don’t be too much technical. Using your keywords as phrases in sentences might also have a small impact.
  • Invite users to download your app with Call to Actions
  • Give users a quick info about you or your company and mention your other apps that users might enjoy
  • Optimize your app description for SEO
  • Do it all in 4000 characters.
  • Localize your app description for each targeted language.

App Description on Android Google Play

Google Play separates description field into two: Short Description and Full Description.

Short Description has limited space of 80 characters but carries more weight in the indexing of an app on Google Play than Full Description field. If you are familiar with SEO, Short Description is might be equal to the H1, H2 tags on your content.

Short Description is the first bit of text the potential users see on Google Play app page. Once a user has installed the app, short description is being replaced by “What’s new” text.

The Short Description impacts how an app is being indexed and how well it converts viewers into users. Now most important feature and your most relevant keyword phrase is in app title, short description provides another space for introducing additional features by using targeted keywords and phrases.

Google Play Short Description Writing to-do list:

  • Use your second or third most strong keywords and phrases as additional features in your short description field.
  • This field is the first text field that visitors will see on your Google Play page. Make it count.
  • Make it all in 80 characters (Google Play allows special characters)
  • Localize your short description for each targeted language.

Now the Full Description

Keywords in app description are taken into account by the Google Play algorithm. So you can use your keywords in your description field.

Google Play has 4000 characters limit just like Apple AppStore. And you should use all available characters. With the help of keywords and keyphrases you can easily do it. There are some limitations though. When you choose 10(+/-) of your strongest keywords or phrases, you must repeat them only 4-5 times each. Various keyphrase using also another thing that you should consider. While writing your ASO full description, focus on keywords density and definitely avoid keyword stuffing!

Your full description must be easy to read and engaging just like AppStore description. And the first 255 characters (3 lines) are also important on Google Play. Showcase your best features with including Call to Action in 255 characters.

Write a list about what your app does, and elaborate with slight technicality.

Including your mentions, awards and reviews are also convincing points to the users.

And finally you should localize your full description for each targeted language. Eventhough your app is available in one language, you must localize your app description to let the users understand what your app does. But you should definitely mention that your app is not available in their language if it’s not (yet). Otherwise users might give you bad reviews.

Google Play Full Description Writing to-do list:

  • Using keywords on description is important. Google Play algorithm takes full description field into account to rank the app.
  • Repeat your 10(+/-) keywords 4-5 times each. Don’t use them more than 5 times.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Keyword density is important. Focus on it.
  • First 3 lines(255 characters) are important to show your best features, include a Call to Action.
  • You can use special characters on Google Play description fields.
  • List your features and describe in details.
  • Mentioning your apps awards and reviews is always good.
  • Do it all in 4000 characters
  • Don’t forget to localize your app description!

Next blog post, I will be talking about App Icons

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